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Five Simple At-Home Exercises For Beginners

| April 19, 2022

Trying to keep fit, but struggle with keeping up with your gym appointments?

Might be time to try sweating it out at home!

For beginners, simple exercises that can be done without leaving the house is definitely something to consider — it’s time-efficient, cost-effective, and for people who’d rather burn calories in a room that’s not packed with random strangers (like the public gym!), it’s definitely a convenient option too. 

Home Workouts For Beginners — What To Know

Picking up exercising can feel overwhelming, especially if you think you should be doing everything at once, or purchasing equipment you’re not even sure how to use — (you shouldn’t!): 

Start with warm-ups, go at your own pace, and gradually increase your exercise time as your stamina improves.

Also, beginners are encouraged to start without equipment (which means your home space is just fine) — this allows you to work “with just your bodyweight and familiarize yourself with the moves before you add external resistance”. 

Wondering what workout regimen to pick up for an at-home session?

Qilo has a list of five easy exercises that we’re sure you’d enjoy! 

At-Home Exercises For Beginners To Try

  1. Sit-ups/Push-ups: Push-ups and sit-ups are a great place to start if you’re looking to strengthen multiple muscles at the same time, build upper as well as core body strength, and improve your entire posture. For starters, begin with 2 sets of 5-6 pushups everyday, and 10 reps for sit-ups. 
  1. Squats: A proper squat form might take a while to get, but it’ll be worth it! If you’re looking to improve mobility & build some lower body strength, start from the privacy of your home with 3 sets of 12-15 reps several times a week. Remember, to really squat right, be sure you’re sitting back with your hips, and your feet are well-balanced to hold that weight. 
  1. Jump-rope: Enjoyed playing jump rope while growing up? Looks like it’s time to pick up that activity again and burn some calories with it! This low-cost endurance exercise requires minimal space to perform, and the calories you’ll burn in just 20 minutes? It’ll be all the encouragement you need! For beginners, focus on short sessions of about 5 minutes, 1-3 times each week. 
  1. Jogging: Not one to jog at the park or down the road? That’s fine. You can stick to the house — jogging in one place, up and down the stairs, from one room to another, or just around a room! Jogging on one spot can help you burn as much as 200 calories in only 12 minutes, so yes, move those knees! 
  1. Cardio Dancing: A whole body exercise that’s fun, helps with balance and coordination, while targeting multiple muscles? That’s what dancing for fitness does! This enjoyable activity is considered an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and a half-hour cardio dance session burns between 130-250 calories, which is truly incredible! 

Ultimately, as a beginner, consistency with even the “simple” workout plans while performing them from home or any personal space will bring in the rewards you want, just be sure to keep at it for long enough! 

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