Stop Trying Different Weight Loss Methods, and Join the Janus Program

The Janus program starts on the 1st of September 2022, and is targeted at people who are interested in losing weight; people looking to manage their obesity and overweight symptoms and lower the risks associated with non-communicable diseases like diabetes and stroke, and do so while eating their locally available Nigerian meals.

About the Program

The Janus Program is a personalized, 3-month weight loss program, where we provide you with all the ingredients required to guarantee you healthy and sustainable weight loss.

The Janus program offers two options:

  1. Wellness Pathway: Weight loss through metabolic reset, coaching, and nutritional guidance from our professional Health Coaches and Dieticians. (N20,000 monthly)
    This pathway also offers social support groups, where you get matched with a supportive small group of peers who are on a similar journey. This is a safe space with people with real-life experiences, like yours to inspire you through the journey.

  2. Medical Pathway: For the medical pathway, in addition to one-on-one coaching with the Health coach to guide you through your journey and a personalized meal plan curated by our nutritionist, it offers Doctor Consultation and weight loss medication prescription. (N50,000 monthly)

Fun Fact

Our Head of Coaching in the last 7 years has cumulatively helped people lose over 1,000kg!
We believe in our ability to help you transform your physical health so much that we offer a money-back guarantee on our programs; if you do not lose weight after 3 months, we will refund you 100%


Real People, Real Results

I feel good!!! Lighter, my skin is glowing even more. I wouldn’t even lie, this challenge has been quite hard. Well, that’s what makes it a challenge.😹 I didn’t think I’ll be able to workout while fasting. Luckily, the exercises aren’t so intense so I’m good. I look forward to continuing
Yoooooo. I am so elated about this. Thank you Qilo for changing my life. It’s been 3months and 11.9kg down and I couldn’t be more grateful and the extra gifts, I don’t even deserve you guys.

I feel good. It has put me back on track to eat healthy and exercise. The meal plan is easy to follow and it's not restrictive. The exercise is also not too intense that you dread doing it. The ache in my knee when I started is gone now. I'm revved up to continue eating healthy and working out.”

What you should expect to get from the Janus Program

Important pillars of long-term weight loss success





Emotional Health



The Janus program has two pathways, N20,000 per month for the wellness pathway and N50,000 per month for the medical pathway

No, just the Doctor consultations and prescription of medication. You can choose to purchase medication from us or from elsewhere

No, you need to pay 3 monthly subscriptions.

The meal plan will be curated according to what you have readily available.

It starts 1st of September 2022

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