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Six Lifestyle Habits Setting Back Your Fitness Goals

| April 19, 2022

Trying to commit to healthy living? 

Whether it’s sticking to a workout regimen, making better food choices, or simply taking routine checkups more seriously,  you’d need to be sure you’re not self sabotaging in any form (and it’s very easy to!). 

Here’s Qilo’s list of six lifestyle habits that might be getting in the way of your fitness journey! 

  1. You’re Not Taking Your Water Intake Seriously  

The benefits of water are numerous! 

For one, water is a fantastic appetite suppressant. It also helps you burn calories faster, aids your muscles, tissues and joints while you work out, flushes out waste from the body and keeps you hydrated — all of which are beneficial when it comes to fitness! 

  1. Getting Too Little Sleep

Not getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night? Poor sleep has been associated with weight gain, and the hormone ghrelin, (which alerts your body on when to eat) is produced when you’re sleep-deprived. That’s why comfort eating is most common at night, so keep this in mind & save your waist-line from sabotage. 

  1. Eating When You Think You’re Hungry 

If you’re trying to watch your weight, eat less (without starving yourself, of course) and cut back on unnecessary snacking, you’re going to need to make sure you’re eating for the right reasons – when you’re actually hungry/when your body needs fuel.  A good place to start is by eating balanced meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner — no skipping!), and mastering your body’s “hunger signals”. 

  1. Eating Late At Night 

From indigestion to higher levels of blood sugar and of course, weight gain, there are no benefits to eating at odd hours of the night. As much as you can, stick to having an early dinner (and of course, early might be relative, based on what time you’d usually go to bed, but make sure it’s no less than three hours before bed time). 

  1. Spending Too Little Time On Your Feet 

For most people, staring at a computer screen for hours or working behind a desk 5 days a week is the norm. Your heart’s health and your system’s general well-being isn’t very happy with this though. Studies show that “sitting time” is linked to a higher risk of death, heart disease, cancer & diabetes-related diseases.  What to do? Experts say to stay on your feet for at least 2 hours (and if possible, 4 hours) daily.

  1. Not Moderating Alcohol Intake

Aside from weight gain & poor muscle growth, alcohol can cause dehydration when consumed in excess, 

and what dehydration does is reduce your performance level and interfere with your body’s energy (especially if you’ve recently had a bottle/glass, or even the night before).  

Not a good idea. 

Healthy vs Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits Takeaway 

Habits compound & they have consequences — good or bad. 

This is why it’s important (especially if you’re actively working towards a wellness goal) that you’re making the right choices in your regular day-to-day activities. 

The healthier version of yourself would thank you for it!

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