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The science behind weight loss medication

Weight loss medication works by interacting with your body's natural processes. Some ways it works include making you feel fuller for longer, curbing hunger, and reducing cravings.

In the brain's reward center, it helps calm food noise - the constant thoughts about food, easing the burden of food-related distractions.

These medications also help in regulating blood sugar levels, and can even adjust the body's set point, redefining what it considers a healthy weight, ultimately supporting sustainable weight loss.

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The potential of GLP-1s: A weight loss game-changer

Scientists have uncovered that our bodies have this thing called GLP-1, a natural hormone that helps control our appetite and weight. Now, researchers have created medications that mimic this hormone. It's not a magic pill; it's just science working with our brains and guts to make losing weight a bit easier.

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Life-Changing Results

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“The Qilo program taught me discipline, accountability, and personalized nutrition. It's like having free therapy while transforming your life.”

Initial Weight

Started at 83kg


Lost 11kg in 7 months.

Chidinma, 27

“What I gained from this whole experience is a better relationship with food.”

Initial Weight

Started at 110kg


Lost 18kg in 4 months.

Faith, 32
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Why medication

Prescription medication targets biological factors beyond your control, like hormone imbalances and genetics, to support effective weight management.

It's a science-backed solution addressing these complex aspects.

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Who should consider using medication?

  • High BMI individuals
  • Obesity due to medical conditions.
  • Bariatric surgery candidates
  • Hormonal imbalances affecting weight
  • Tried traditional methods without success
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