Your body, your Journey,
your results

Everybody is different, and so is your weight loss journey. Qilo's personalised care celebrates your individuality, tailoring a program that respects your needs and helps you thrive.


Personalised to your biology

You're not just a number on a scale. You're a unique combination of genes, hormones, and experiences that shape your body and its needs.

At Qilo, we understand that no two weight loss journeys are the same. That's why our approach is rooted in personalisation. We take the time to get to know your biology, your challenges, and your goals.

It's not just about weight loss, it's about empowering you to thrive in a way that feels natural and kind to you.

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Not just numbers:
Discover how qilo has transformed lives

“The Qilo program taught me discipline, accountability, and personalized nutrition. It's like having free therapy while transforming your life.”

Initial Weight

Started at 83kg


Lost 11kg in 7 months.

Chidinma, 27
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“What I gained from this whole experience is a better relationship with food.”

Initial Weight

Started at 110kg


Lost 18kg in 4 months.

Faith, 32