The Science Behind Qilo

Our weight loss program is based on science-backed and clinically proven methods for weight loss.

The Science Behind a Healthy Weight

Scientific research has shown that a healthy weight is beyond what people eat or do.

There are hormonal, biological, metabolic, and psychological factors that contribute to your weight.

Body Metabolism

The way the body metabolizes food plays a role in weight gain. Therefore, Qilo assesses the body metabolism of individuals before recommending a plan to reach their optimal health and wellness.


Hormones affect body metabolism, hunger, sleep patterns, moods, and stress levels. Qilo helps individuals assess their hormones so they can achieve optimal health and wellness.


The mind-body connection is key in weight management. Qilo assesses psychological triggers like emotional eating, self-esteem, among others to help individuals meet their weight and health goals.

Our Comprehensive Scientific Approach

We focus on 6 core science-backed pillars to make sure you get the best results and achieve sustainable weight loss goals.




Social Support


Emotional Health

Doctor-Prescribed Weight Management Medications

Prescription medication can be an effective tool in addressing the biological factors that affect weight.

Our doctors prescribe a range of medications that work in distinct ways to address different biological issues. Some suppress appetite, others help stabilize blood sugar, while some others work on the reward center of your brain helping you lose weight.

Your prescription will depend on your BMI, lab results, and any preferences presented by you or other factors we consider important.

The Qilo medical team will assess which medication is most appropriate for you and check in regularly to adjust accordingly.

Real Results

See the results of Qilo users and learn why Qilo’s comprehensive and science-backed approach will work for you.

It’s been 3 months and 11.9kg down
It’s been 3 months and 11.9kg down
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Yoooooo. I am so elated about this. Thank you Qilo for changing my life. It’s been 3months and 11.9kg down and I couldn’t be more grateful and the extra gifts, I don’t even deserve you guys.
My stomach is getting flatter
My stomach is getting flatter
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It has helped me watch what i eat and how much i eat. I also know when i am just craving and not really hungry. My stomach is getting flatter. I feel lighter. I appreciate the mental shift and empowerment.
Qilo has put me back on track
Qilo has put me back on track
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”I feel good. It has put me back on track to eat healthy and exercise. The meal plan is easy to follow and it’s not restrictive. The exercise is also not too intense that you dread doing it. The ache in my knee when I started is gone now. I’m revved up to continue eating healthy and working out.”
I've lost over 10kg
I've lost over 10kg
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Non scale victory - dress size down, mental and physical health in a more balanced way, improved sleep, no use of girdle again 😀😃 Hoping to loose as much as I can and maintain a sustainable weight Thanks to every one on the team Love ya ll 🥰
My skin is glowing even more
My skin is glowing even more
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”I feel good!!! Lighter, my skin is glowing even more. I wouldn’t even lie, this challenge has been quite hard. Well, that’s what makes it a challenge. I didn’t think I’ll be able to workout while fasting. Luckily, the exercises aren’t so intense so I’m good. I look forward to continuing this challenge even after it ends. While I may not do the exercises from your page, I’ll definitely stick with the meal plan.”

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