June 24, 2022

Recipe for Pancake: Making Healthy Pancakes

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Pancakes are a breakfast staple in many homes, but many people think that making pancakes from scratch is too difficult. While it's true that store-bought pancake mix can be convenient, there's nothing quite like homemade pancakes—and they're pretty easy to make! The next time you feel like having pancakes for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) try this simple recipe for pancake. It's healthy and delicious!

Ingredients for Pancake

1 cup flour

1 tablespoon white sugar

2 tablespoon baking powder

1/2 tablespoon salt

1 egg (beaten)

1 cup milk (whole or 2%)

2 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 cup flour

  • Use all-purpose flour when you want a classic pancake with a little bit of extra flavor.
  • Substitute with whole wheat flour or if you prefer oat flour for an earthy, slightly more wholesome taste (and extra fiber).
  • Use gluten-free flour for the same effect, but without the added gluten. A good choice if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. This is also a great option for people who just love the taste of pancakes but don't like how heavy they feel after eating them—gluten-free flours are lighter than wheat flours!
  • For even more fun flavors, mix different types of flour at varying ratios: try half whole wheat and half all-purpose; go all out with 100% buckwheat or quinoa, or experiment by mixing cornstarch with whatever else your heart desires!
1 Tablespoon white sugar

White sugar is the best sugar for pancakes. White sugar is the most common sugar, and it's what you'll find in most and grocery stores. If you're making these for a big group of people, you can use all white sugar—your pancake batter will still be delicious!

2 Tablespoon baking powder

Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda and an acid. When you make pancakes with it, it creates carbon dioxide inside the batter and makes your pancakes rise. It also helps to keep them fluffy and light. You can use any type of baking powder in this recipe, but I recommend using one that's aluminum-free because some people are concerned about how much aluminum they ingest from their food over time.

1/2 Tablespoon salt

Salt is an important ingredient in cooking, as it adds flavor to food. Some people believe that salt should never be added to foods before they are cooked. If you follow this rule, you will have trouble seasoning your pancakes properly. If salt is not added to the pancake batter, the resulting pancakes will be bland and taste terrible.

1 Egg

You’ll need 1 egg. Eggs are pretty delicious, and they can make all kinds of dishes taste better. In this recipe, we’re going to use an egg as the main ingredient in our batter.

1 cup milk

Depending on your preference, you could choose to use liquid milk or evaporated liquid milk. Slim milk is advised as a healthier option.

2 Tablespoon vegetable oil

2 Tablespoon vegetable oil (or other oils like olive, coconut, or avocado)

  • Vegetable oil is used to grease the pan. You can also use butter or margarine instead of oil.
  • Oil is used to make the pancakes crispy and fluffy. A little bit of fat helps make them light and tender rather than dry and dense. It also adds flavor!

Directions for Making Pancake

  • Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. When it has melted, add the egg and whisk together until combined. Remove from heat and set aside.
  • In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder with a fork or whisk until thoroughly mixed in (it is okay if there are some lumps left in the mixture). Pour half of this flour mixture into another mixing bowl while you can keep half of it aside for later use (you will need to make two pancakes at once).
  • In this half that you poured out of your first mixing bowl add your milk and vanilla extract then whisk well until no clumps remain. Add this second mixture back into your original flour mixture along with all other ingredients listed above except for berries; mix well until combined but not overly vigorous as too much air could be incorporated into your batter which would result in flat cakes rather than fluffy ones! If necessary add more milk or water 1 tablespoon at a time until desired consistency is achieved but do not overdo it as the too much-added liquid will make them runny! Also, take care about how much oil should be used depending on what kind of pan(s) are being used because different types require different amounts so just follow each manufacturer's recommendations before adding anything else besides water/milk/eggs etcetera! Once all ingredients have been combined thoroughly stir through evenly throughout the batter leaving some room around edges where they won't bake directly onto the pan surface itself; top off each pancake evenly with remaining tablespoonfuls drizzled over the top surface after pouring contents out onto heated skillet(s) using spatula or spoon."

Important Notes

Follow this recipe, and you'll be able to make delicious pancakes from scratch. If you don't follow the recipe exactly, your pancakes won't turn out as well.

  • Make sure the pan is hot before pouring in the batter.
  • Use the right amount of oil in your pan: too much or too little can cause sticking and/or uneven cooking of your pancake (and also lead to a greasy feel). Also, use a light touch when adding oil; I recommend using an eyedropper rather than drizzling straight from the bottle—you want just enough so that it puddles evenly across the bottom of your pan without being too thick or thin.
  • When mixing up batter with wet ingredients like eggs and milk, make sure they're completely smooth before adding them to dry ingredients like flour or sugar (which should already be combined). Otherwise, there might be lumps that won't get incorporated into other ingredients properly during cooking time!


I hope your pancakes turn out well! If you want to make them more special, try adding some fruit like blueberries or bananas into the batter, then cooking them with the pancake. To do this, you can either add fresh fruit directly into the batter or layer it onto each pancake before cooking. This will make your pancakes even healthier and more delicious!

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